Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The High-Powered AdvisorOne Website

A product of Summit Business Media, AdvisorOne website, launched in early October, provides content from the industry publications Investment Advisor and Research, but goes far beyond simply offering a digital platform for these publications. AdvisorOne aggregates relevant content across the Web, including AP Financial Wire, Bloomberg, Business Week, WSJ ... well, we could go on, but you get the picture. James J. Green, group editor-in-chief of AdvisorOne, states in the company press release that "[w]e have news, expert in-depth analysis and commentary, market data, tools and networking opportunities in targeted content areas of critical interest to advisors. Not only can investment advisors benefit from our 30+ years of experience serving them, but we filter relevant content from across the Web to ensure that advisors can go to one site for all of their information needs.”

AdvisorOne easily achieves its goal as a viable one-stop source  for the investment advisor. What is surprising is that despite the depth and richness of its content, the site does not appear cluttered or overwhelming. This is a site definitely worth a visit, and one that makes sense for anyone involved in financial services to include in their toolbox.

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