Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting Started, Keeping Going

Woody Allen famously stated that "Ninety percent of life is just showing up." The new insurance producer, fresh from training that incorporates as much attitude-building as it does education on product, may well begin in the field with this thought in mind. Ah, were it only so easy! For despite the best product inventory, the slickest marketing material, the most sophisticated lead-system, the insurance career is a challenging path. As industry statistics demonstrate, "just showing up" does not cut it in this field. To be successful, the new agent needs to find a way to last.

The recent book by Brady Fineske, All You Have to do is Last, is meant to help producers meet this challenge.  The title is taken from one of the many memorable quotes of insurance giant John Savage; Fineske was trained by Savage & Associates, and he pays tribute to the training and influence he has received from Bob Savage and the top producers in the firm.

Brief (just 117 pages) and to the point, All You Have to do is Last details Fineske's amalgamation of proven techniques and systems, and presents them in a step-by-step process. For example, he provides a framework for establishing a ground level system for setting up and preparing to run your own practice, developing and implementing a marketing system to help you hit the ground running and quickly reach your goals, utilizing a step-by-step business tracking system designed to take a prospect from the phone call, to the meeting, through the system, and to your wallet, and employing techniques to keep that client for life. None of these are new, but all are presented in a highly usable, commonsense approach that is accessible to the new producer. Following these steps will help the new producer achieve professional success in the financial services industry at an accelerated rate when compared to the industry average.

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