Friday, March 28, 2014

Hoping for an enlightened response

Robert Laszewski at Health Care Policy Marketplace Review has an interesting post, the link to which can be accessed below. He notes that "health insurance companies have to submit their new health insurance plans and rates between May 27 and June 27 for the 2015 Obamacare open-enrollment period beginning on November 15th" and that "[a]ny major modifications to the current Obamacare regulations need to be issued in the next month to give the carriers time to adjust and develop new products." He argues that if the current version of health reform is to succeed, the insurance companies need to offer better plans that more realistically fit the middle market. As he states, "health insurance plans that cost middle-class individuals and families 10% of their after-tax income and have average Silver Plan deductibles of more than $2,500 a month are not attractive and people won't buy them any more enthusiastically next fall than they already have." It will be interesting to see how the major carriers react.

Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review: The One Thing That Could Save Obamacare––And The O...: To properly price the exchange health insurance business going forward the carriers have to sharply increase the rates. A senior executive ...

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