Friday, February 28, 2014

Give us healthcare plans with broad networks...unless they're (that much more) expensive

The Kaiser Foundation continues to do great work following the issues related to healthcare reform and its implementation. One tool that they use is an ongoing tracking poll to survey the public's response to the law. This month's poll shares a number of data points, one of which concerns an issue that has been garnering more media attention lately, namely the so-called "narrow network" plans.

According the February tracking poll, about half of those surveyed (51 %) stated preference for a plan that costs more money but allows them to see a broader range of doctors and hospitals. However -- and despite our best intentions, there always seems to be a "however" -- upon being informed that they could save up to 25 % on their health care costs, that number drops from 51 to 37 % among the public overall, and from 35 % to 22 % among those to whom the law is directed: the uninsured and those with non-group coverage. The actual poll can be accessed here.

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